Friday Favorites: Landfill Harmonic

Cateura, Paraguay is a town built atop a landfill along the outskirts of the capital city of Asuncion. Residents make their living collecting and selling materials found in the landfill, and children often face a bleak future. Nicolás Gómez, a carpenter and garbage collector, worked with music teacher Favio Chávez and orchestra director Szaran to build musical instruments from discarded items found in the landfill. The result is the Recycled Orchestra, a talented group of schoolchildren who have toured the world playing their recycled instruments. Their amazing story is being told in a documentary titled Landfill Harmonic. Here is a short video:


Friday Favorites: Diane Birch

Welcome to this week’s edition of our new column, Friday Favorites!

Diane Birch at the House of Blues in Boston I first heard singer-songwriter Diane Birch when she opened for Mat Kearney at the House of Blues in Boston in 2009. Her beautiful voice and heartfelt songs immediately caught my attention, and I purchased a copy of her debut album, Bible Belt, as soon as the show ended.

I later discovered that her music videos are just as creative as her songs. I especially love the video for Valentino, a catchy pop song inspired by an imaginary friend Birch created when she was younger.

As Birch explained to The Wall Street Journal, filming the video in one take was a difficult process due to the outfit changes and choreography involved.


In the clip below, we get a behind-the-scenes look at how this fun, interesting video was made:

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