Do Music and Politics Still Mix in the U.K?

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You hear quite often that music and politics don’t mix and that is the reason why musical innovation has slowed, as we all look back and borrow from times when they did mix. For the most part that is true, but it is not universal by any means. It might not even be intentional if the listener makes that connection to a political happening, then it is a political song for them and may sway them to whatever debate they are interested in. It might not be as direct as ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday by Lennon and John Lydon might not be snarling ‘God Save The Queen’ to us all, but you’d be surprised what you find and don’t assume that musicians are automatically out and out liberals still either.

Most of these are in direct or indirect relation to Scottish Independence, E.U membership or general distaste with Mr Cameron and his Bullingdon Chumps…

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Single Review – Julian Casablancas and The Voidz – Human Sadness

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz | photo via
After what has seemed like an eternity, we finally have something solid from Julian Casablancas and The Voidz. We now have an album title in Tyranny and a release date of September 23rd. On top of this, there is now a track listing of twelve songs with titles such as ‘Xerox’, ‘Nintendo Blood’, ‘Crunch Punch’ and ‘Human Sadness’, which is today’s release. It is the most un-Julian track you could imagine at eleven minutes long and opens with strings that are set aside Julian’s more harmonious yet distorted vocal. It is joined by heavy jumps sample driven jolts and high voltage lead guitars that are layered over the steady rotating riff rhythms. The song then begins to take hard base punches as the vocals rise in volume conclude a controlled chaos sort of opening as it filters down into a reverberating and distant sound with Julian’s vocal before launching to immediacy…

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Encountering St. Vincent – Gateshead Sage

On the 27th August I experienced first hand the marvel and enigma that is Annie Clark a.k.a St. Vincent. One of the most spectacular events that you could experience in combining her truly innovative and ground breaking music with striking theatrics, effects and coolly executed dramatics. These were evident from the off as the synth bounces of ‘Rattlesnake’ hit the applause and St. Vincent strolled on to carry out a series of poses and stances before a urgent and crisp delivery of the track whilst moving on to ‘Digital Witnesses’ with all it’s live intricacies and detail of each strike of her guitar and slick presentation that is occasionally intercepted by Wiry and metallic guitar solos, which are delivered with ease. She went on to engage the audience by guessing the nickname for the people of “Newcastle slash Gateshead” was “Peaches” and that their favourite word was “osteology” which we might use in reference to…

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I have always lived in fear.  Fear of what people think about me, fear of challenging myself and a fear of failing in general. Unfortunately this fear is often followed by a quick decision that I soon regret.  Next enters the paralyzing panic that cripples my life. Stunned, confused and ashamed I muddle through my bad decision until I make another questionable decision and begin the process all over again.

By my senior year in college, I was still very unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. Add to this dilemma that my mother died the year before, leaving me parent less, as an only child I felt all alone in the world. While in the student lounge I noticed a flier for a seminar about entertainment law.  I had an epiphany: I would be a lawyer.  I decided I would be an entertainment lawyer.  It sounded like a blast hanging out with celebrities and making tons of money.  I went out and spent twenty bucks on a prep book and I was well on my way.  In this prep book were some facts and law school applications and an article on how challenging the work is, and how difficult it was to get into a good school.  My solution of course was to panic and then enters the paralyzing fear, basically I did nothing.  I managed to keep my part time job at a museum, but my life was a mess and I had no idea what to do about it.   Next, I muddled through a succession of good jobs that I left because I was restless and silly.  Finally, I landed a decent job at a large university.  I should have been happy, but inside I was miserable.  What should I be doing with my life?  So, I made a rash decision, I moved to another state, just a blind jump and the landing was harsh.  I despised my new life and I missed my city, the only place in the world where I felt I belong.  I knew that I wanted to be a lawyer, but I let fear of failure and low self esteem put this dream on hold for no good reason at all.

Now here I am 13 years later hoping to live out my dream.  I am looking forward to being fearless.  OK maybe just less afraid and better prepared.

-Sam V.



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