Interview: Six Time Champion!

Underneath This is pleased to feature an interview by Lauren Reading-Gloversmith from Inception Press:

Six Time Champion Answer The A-Z Interview

Pop-Punk: just in case you missed the billboard sized memo, it’s back, hotter than ever, and it now comes in a fetching shade of British. Hot on the heels of fellow countrymen Neck Deep, ROAM, As It Is and Trash Boat, Brighton quintet Six Time Champion are making their presence felt with storming new five-tracker, Expecting Honesty. Released on the 1st December, the work is buoyant with hooks and drives its points home with fiery panache, Six Time Champion’s rougher edge reveals their boisterous live energy.Here Vocalist James answers the A-Z Interview…

A Song Which Made You Want To Make Music: Linkin Park – By Myself

Best Album Ever Written: In my opinion, Meteora by Linkin Park

Craziest Moment You’ve Experienced In The Band: For me it was playing our first show, I’d never even considered stepping on a stage before at that point, so was pretty nuts for me!

Deepest Lyrics One Of Your Songs Features: “And it’s true that I should have learnt to drive, now I’m taking loneliness within my stride”

Easiest Song You Wrote: Would have to be separation, that just fell right into place.

Favourite Show You’ve Ever Played: Would have to be the first date of our little weekender with Trash Boat and Homebound in worthing!

Guest You’d Most Like To Feature On A Your Record: Dallas Green

Happiest Moment In You’ve Experienced In The Band: Again it would have to be that worthing show, was such a great night!

Interesting Fact About One Of Your Members: Rich loves dinosaurs, to the point where he has them tattoo’d all up his arm.

Jokes You Have In The Band: The most consistent joke is probably the suggestion that our songs sound better without the vocals. At least I hope it’s a joke…

Kicking Off Your Set Is Best With Which Song: Running Dry

Longest Distance You’ve Travelled To Play A Show: Not too far actually, about 60 miles to london. We’re hoping to head much further out in the new year!

Most Inspiring Musician You’ve Ever Experienced: For me personally, it’s Dallas Green all day long, his live performance is flawless.

New Band You’d Recommend: Weatherstate

Opening For This Band Would Be Ideal: A Day To Remember

Place You’d Most Like To Tour: Japan, I’m sure it would be an experience

Quote That You’d Like To Pass On To Readers: “You are your own memorial, so find your mark and leave it”

Reason For The Title Of Your Recent/Forthcoming Release: The title pretty much sums up the general idea behind all 5 tracks.

See Us Live At: We’ve got plans for the new year, but can’t reveal anything just yet!

The Old Days Of Music Were Better Than Those Current, do you agree: Erm, no not really, I think the majority of mainstream music is terrible these days, but if you look a little deeper than that, there is so much quality music being produced at the moment.

Unusual Merchandise: Saw an Acacia Strain Christmas jumper the other day, with “The Human Santapede” on.

Variations You’d Like To Do On Any Of Your Songs: Perhaps some acoustic versions at some point.

What Bands Have You Seen Live and Regretted: It would have to be The Summer Set, I just can’t get past the cheesiness, it’s unbearable.

X-rays or any other treatments needed for band related in juries: Not yet, I’m sure something will go down eventually!

You could have written any song in history, which would you pick: Sex Bomb by Tom jones, because who wouldn’t want to be responsible for such a tune!

Zoo animal that best describes the personality of your band: Gotta be a rhino!

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