Review! – “Ectoplasmic Puke Wizard” – Inflatable Best Friend

Ectoplasmic Puke Wizard

Ectoplasmic Puke Wizard is the new five track album from Inflatable Best Friend, who are based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The band has also had the pleasure of opening for DEATH, Bomb The Music Industry, White Mystery amongst others and they’ll be releasing the album with a slot at Shakespeare’s in Kalamazoo on July 16th. The short album opens with “Psychedelicatessen.” It opens with a wound up twang of a riff that ramps up the rest of the instrumentation with the percussion arriving before being blasted out of the water with a dirty, gritty and distorted heavyweight of a riff, which begrudgingly rotates the song’s rhythm. The drums simply go from skins to metal to just emphasise the heavy nature of the song, matched by the lyrics, which are driven deep into the reverb. A song that quakes and rattles every fibre.

“Lesbian Bed Death” starts with a deep rooted and indelible bass line, which teeters on the edge before the screaming feedback of the guitars, which grind and churn their way through the song’s rhythm with the vocals screaming to compete with them. “The Black Hand” has a long, protracted opening riff that is accompanied by the spoken lyrics as the churning riff all so gradually accelerates its tempo and goes about a chant-like phase upon which the crashing cymbals keep the rhythm on a knife edge preceding its gradual winding down before one quick-fire burst at its conclusion. “Gummy Spider” is a highly charged track, backed up by the sharp percussion and a mis-matched pattern of vocals. “Nicotine Dinosaur” continues in this vain but with a more sonically driven and wiry guitar in the background.

Ectoplasmic Puke Wizard is a title befitting the music. A chaotic, aggressive and direct kick of an album. Just imagine the experience of one of their live shows and fulfill those thoughts by listening to their album, set to be released on July 16th:

-by Owen

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