Musician Interview: Will Dailey!

Will Dailey at the Paradise Rock Club in 2011

Will Dailey at the Paradise Rock Club in 2011

I began listening to Will Dailey, a Boston native, after seeing his concert at Harpers Ferry (now Brighton Music Hall) in 2008. I quickly became a fan of the catchy, guitar-driven songs on his 2007 album, Back Flipping Forward. Will is a three-time winner of the Boston Music Award for Singer/Songwriter of the Year, and he is currently nominated for Male Performer of the Year in the New England Music Awards. Last year, Will started a PledgeMusic campaign for his new album, National Throat.

Below is a video for Out On The Floor from the 2011 album Will Dailey & the Rivals:

Will Dailey will be performing at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA on 2/5/14.

How did you get involved with Farm Aid? What has that experience been like?

I was invited in 2008 when Farm Aid had their annual concert in Boston. It has been a soul filler on many levels. There is obviously the musical level but over the years I have become close with many families and who have been a part of Farm Aid’s growth and success and benefited from the support system. It is always fulfilling to be around a large group of people who understand the importance of agriculture from top to bottom.

Why did you decide to move away from your label? What has it been like doing your new album through PledgeMusic?

A giant record label did not feel like an open environment to make the kind of music I felt I needed to make. They’re not evil or bad people, just a bad place for me to be personally. Pledge has felt like a safe place. It is made up of musicians and it brings in and includes the people who want to hear my music the most.

How would you describe your new album?

National Throat, for me, tells the story of doing this for a living the past 8 years. Highs and lows. Delusions and victories. I look at new material as not the most important I’ve done but the culmination of everything I’ve ever done. It has to add up and equal something. That sum should exhibit exponential growth beyond my abilities if I follow that path correctly.

Who and what inspire you?

Everything. I’m inspired by things I don’t like as much as those I am drawn to. I’m inspired to to be better at completing interviews after this one took me so long! Musically I know I aspire to keep one foot in the soil while doing my damnedest to reach one hand to the clouds.

Do you have a favorite song to perform live?

There are old ones that never really fail us live: Down The Drain, So Many Wrong Ways, So Do I. Since we’ve been playing the new album live it seems “World Go Round”, “Sunken Ship” and “Castle of Pretending” never let me down.

What music are you listening to right now?

Ah! My latest vinyl order just came in the mail: Death, Lucius, Jason Isbell.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Make sure you and those with you are willing to eat bread and water for 3 years.
Choose goals right in front of you and accomplish those first.
Don’t let yourself or anyone else compare you to anomalies.


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