Musician/Author Interview: Laurie Lindeen!!

Laurie Lindeen is the author of the memoir PETAL PUSHER. Her work has appeared in the anthology DRINKING DIARIES, The Huffington Post, and the Morning News. She teaches creative writing in Minneapolis.


I was really moved by your path to becoming a musician and your overall view on life in “Petal Pusher.” What inspired you to write this memoir?

I was initially moved to write this memoir to figure out what, exactly, happened during a very fast-moving and confusing period of my life. I seem to do my best thinking when writing.

What were reactions of friends, fellow musicians, and your family to the experiences you described? Were there any surprise reactions?

I gave my family and band members galley copies of the book
before it was printed. Not all of them loved some of the topics I
chose to write about, but everyone okayed it ahead of time. I tried
to be tender, and I most certainly did not “tell all,” I just tried to shape a cohesive narrative, which is all about choice

You wrote, “sometimes it seems like the more you do, the more you’re capable of doing.” How has this perspective influenced you?

I seem to be at my most productive creatively when my calendar
is crammed full. I’m sure there is some reverse psychology at work there.

In what ways is your art feminist?

My art is feminist because I am female. Natch.

I appreciated your essay on 2004 about Liz Phair. What do you think of the media coverage of women in indie and mainstream rock since the early 90’s? Has there been progress? Regression?

It seems like women have to be tartier, more perfect, and
less outspoken to get noticed these days, so I guess things have regressed.

What do you think of The Replacements’ reunion?

I’m all for Paul & Tommy playing those great songs together.

Who are your creative influences these days?

I’m creatively influenced by all of the interesting people I encounter in every day life or by reading a really fine book.

Laurie's recommended memoirs shelf at Magers & Quinn bookstore in Minneapolis

Laurie’s recommended memoirs shelf at Magers & Quinn bookstore in Minneapolis

On what projects are you currently working?

I wish I knew what I was working on exactly; I seem to be circling
around a couple of different manuscripts, neither of which has revealed themselves to me through the writing.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

My advice to young artists is to set realistic goals, practice, practice, practice and don’t take yourself so seriously.

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