Friday Favorites: Diane Birch

Welcome to this week’s edition of our new column, Friday Favorites!

Diane Birch at the House of Blues in Boston I first heard singer-songwriter Diane Birch when she opened for Mat Kearney at the House of Blues in Boston in 2009. Her beautiful voice and heartfelt songs immediately caught my attention, and I purchased a copy of her debut album, Bible Belt, as soon as the show ended.

I later discovered that her music videos are just as creative as her songs. I especially love the video for Valentino, a catchy pop song inspired by an imaginary friend Birch created when she was younger.

As Birch explained to The Wall Street Journal, filming the video in one take was a difficult process due to the outfit changes and choreography involved.


In the clip below, we get a behind-the-scenes look at how this fun, interesting video was made:

Birch is expecting to release her second album soon. Here is a beautiful video she made for one of her newer songs, Superstars:


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